Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weeds 7.27.09

Awesome episode of Weeds last night. I think it might be over between Mr. Mayor and Lacy Laplante. After refusing to sign the birth certificate for his new son due to bad publicity for his Mexican election, Nancy filled in Andy as the father and he agreed to raise it as his own. And yes people, he finally shaved that stupid beard. Celia finally stepped her drug game up and is going to be pushing weed with her bogus makeup line. Cilus and Doug can finally run their store without the annoying pig cop extorting all their money.

My view: Great episode, they certainly keep you guessing. But now with Andy as the father this can only mean someone is going to die, and soon. Hopefully it's Celia. I can't stand that annoying bitch. I really hope they flee with the baby and open a new chapter to what seems like a never ending Mexican drug cartel concerned with protecting the dangerous and unpredictable Nancy. Maybe Guillermo will come back into play. Who knows?