Monday, July 27, 2009

COLLEGE BOUND? (Entourage 7.26.09)

Alright well last nights Entourage, definitely the best of the season. Although they couldn't be making it anymore obvious that this is the last season, at least the boys are growing up. But hey when you hit 30, it might be time to. Anyway Turtle celebrated his birthday and received a Ferrari from Vince and a Porsche from his Sopranos cutie Jamie Lynn. Despite his happiness he feels the need to flap his independent wings and make something of himself. Bow Wow on the other hand won't be spreading his. Dude got the axe. His pilot was a hit but he didn't win over the critics. So E was forced to let him know the network dropped him. Guess he'll have more time to work on his music now lol. At the episodes conclusion Turtle decides to go back to college and enroll in UCLA's business courses. Yo, can Vince get a little facetime people? Give me your thoughts...

Special Guests: Curtis Jackson (50 Cent)
In case you missed it, you can WATCH IT HERE by clicking the link: