Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Remix of the Week: Mike Posner (DJ Kue Remix)

This week's remix of the week goes out to Duke graduate Mike Posner. It won't be long till he drops his sophomore album, but the first single "Looks Like Sex" was put out as a teaser on the Layover mixtape (released a couple months back). I like what DJ Kue did here, really taking a soulful pop record and really giving it some body to hold up during a house set. Check out and download it above.

Video of the Week: Heat City x Highlight Reel

I was cruising through YouTube and came across this highlight reel tape someone made on my joint #HeatCity. So anyone spreading love to the Dreamers and the Heat is gonna get some love in return. Awesome collage of some of the best Heat moments. Check it out. Go Heat.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Song of the Week: Cris Cab x Rihanna's Gun

Song of the week is a new one from Miami native Cris Cab. This is a talented young kid with a lot in his corner. Found by NERD front man Pharrell, Cab has been making some great contacts in the industry, including this Wyclef produced/ Mavado featured track "Rihanna's Gun". This electronic reggae joint will be featured on the Echo Boom mixtape coming soon, hosted by Pharrell's Billionaire Boys Club. Enjoy.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Tunes: Dutch x Take Over the City

The time has come to release another single to the masses. I present to you, Take Over the City featuring Ahmad Akili, and produced by DJ Fono. This is the second single off Side B (First was Hands High). A real inspirational joint that could definitely earn some national attention or local airplay. Please show your support by purchasing the single, or just exposing your family and friends to the culture of my music.

Artist of the Week: Jonny Lyrks

It's close to midnight, I pull up outside the studio to find an eager Jonny Lyrks (pronounced "lyrics" which is an acronym standing for Learn Your Real Knowledge Steadily) sipping a beer next to his old truck. Late night sessions are normal for Jonny, thriving to burn the midnight oil night after night in hopes of being one step closer to completing his 3rd mixtape in the last 6 months. The Jersey born, now Boca Raton native has been rhyming for years and is gaining more and more attention each day. One thing I admire about this guy is his work ethic, I can recall countless occasions of waking up to a verse from the emcee waiting on my voicemail. He pumps out tracks like reps in the gym, working on his versatility and creative stamina. So what should we be expecting from Jonny in the near future? Well expect 2 new releases from his mixtape series Words From the Burbs and another slew of videos. It's all love in the tight knit community we call hip hop, especially for a couple dudes like us. We have featured together on multiple tracks, from the most recent Let U Go (Feat. Zion Birdsong), to Somebody Like Me, and the fan favorite World of Fantasy. Jonny has grown so much from tape to tape, and soon he will get the respect he deserves. Be on the lookout for the upcoming releases by following him on twitter @jonnymonsoon and download volume 1 of the mixtape series Words From the Burbs below.


TV Show to Watch: Angry Boys

Although I've been boycotting HBO since their ridiculous decision to cancel How to Make it in America, they did do something right when they picked up Australia's Angry Boys. Comedic genius Chris Lilley (known mainly overseas from We Can Be Heroes and the controversial Summer Heights High) Lilley has an interesting acting approach, producing, writing and staring in the show as multiple characters. His amazing ability to captivate an audience with different personalities is uncanny. In Angry Boys you will truly witness his range going from a one hit wonder rapper, an asian mother of a pro skater, and an Aussie surfer with no testicles within minutes. Watch this show and you will literally laugh out loud. Catch the first 8 episodes on demand now, or watch along on HBO every Sunday at 10 & 10:30pm.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DJ of the Week: DJ FONO

For my first DJ of the week, I have to highlight one of my closest friends over the past couple years, DJ Fono. A talented veteran who specializes in old school hip hop but can cater to house and open format with ease. Fono not only DJ's but is a whiz behind the midi controller as well. He engineered the entire Late Nights on Mars mixtape and produced over 80% of my debut album Big Dreams: A Tale of 2 Sides. Amongst producing, Fono is an entrepreneur, owning his own label Roundabout Recordings. You can catch Fono spinning on the avenue in Delray Beach at Solita every Friday and Saturday night. (Help support buy purchasing the Fono produced single Hands High available on iTunes right now)

Check out some of Fono's exclusive mixes below and follow along twitter: @DJFONO

DJ FONO - Electric Shock - House Mix
by Roundabout Records

DJ FONO Summer Mix 2011
by Roundabout Records

L.N.O.M. x 1 Year After

Today is the one year anniversary of my first big mixtape release, Late Nights on Mars. A tape jam packed with indie producers and bands that I respect and admire. As I take a look at this past year, I have really been taking this experience in music to understand how this business works. I had the opportunity to perform on the NBC South Florida Today show alongside Russell Simmons, I have been able to collaborate with some incredible new artists, met and recorded with some credited producers, shot 6 music videos, started a web series, finished an album, performed a few shows, and released 2 singles on iTunes. There is still so much more to be done, but the ground work Dreamer Nation has been laying is setting up for a prominent 2012. I reflect on what I've learned and am excited about my future, as I attempt a big career move in relocating to Los Angeles this April. Expect more of everything, but most importantly the break onto the performance scene. I look at LA as a chance to really take what we have been building and show it to everybody through high energy shows. You got to be in it to win it, so at this point in time...I'm ready.

DOWNLOAD the Late Nights on Mars Mixtape right here:

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Remix of the Week: The Knocks "Brightside" (Fred Falke Remix)

The Knocks are a disco duo that have been putting out some amazing original and remixed material over the passed year. They really emerged on the scene with their commercial hit (and by commercial, I mean Corona's "Make it Better" Mashup commercial) and my favorite Dancing With the DJ. With that said, our first REMIX OF THE WEEK goes out to Fred Falke who took a great track and really provided some bang to give it a more club friendly vibe. I really dig this joint, and have many Fred Falke remixes in my library...once again, the man delivered.


Lupe Fiasco x Ayo! Andrsn

Lupe Fiasco - HipHop Just Saved My life from anthony anderson on Vimeo.

Checkout this dope Lupe video my man @Ayoandrsn (Creator of Late Nights on Mars cover) shot during the LASERS tour in West Palm Beach. Really talented kid, and a real incredible song if you never heard it. It appeared on Lupe's sophomore album The Cool (Singles: Superstar, Paris/Tokyo) released a few years ago. This might be my favorite Lupe track ever, arguably of course. Love how his words basically paint the whole picture of the story.

Also make sure to follow and check out Ayo! Andrsn here:
Twitter: @Ayoandrsn
Website: http://ayoandrsn.com/

Monday, January 23, 2012

Video of the Week: Mike Posner x Perfect Mess

From now on I will be putting out a weekly winner for the following categories.
1. Video of the Week
2. Remix of the Week
3. Artist(s) of the Week
4. DJ of the Week
5. Song of the Week

For the first week, Mike Posner's Perfect Mess rings in the top slot. It wasn't that I was floored by the video itself, but the production quality of this track is incredible. The visual really brought the track to life for me, and honestly I don't think Posner gets enough credit. Download his latest mixtape "The Layover" at all major mixtape sites.

G-Men: Journey to Indy

Well today is an amazing day. I am deeply humbled for the opportunity to witness the New York Football Giants attend their 2nd Super Bowl in 5 years. From what looked like a depleted defense months ago, the G-Men rallied around the demand for staff changes and stood by their coaches to make an incredible run down the stretch to inch into the playoffs. I am true believer of moral victories, and once the Giants realized they could hang with the big boys after a last second loss to GB in week 13, the team changed. It will be a battle in Indy, and the stakes couldn't be any higher. We will be competing against a bitter Patriot team, who I'm sure can still taste the defeat when the Giants ruined their historic perfect season. The question is, who has the edge? Call me a homer, but I like the matchup the Giants have here. Brady is not the most mobile quarterback, especially when comparing him to their last two opponents (Rodgers, Smith). Expect the Giants to hit Brady again and again and hopefully disrupt a dangerous rhythm. The X Factor for me will be TE Rob Gronkowski. In my eyes if the Giants shut down the Gronk, it could be a very long day for the New England Patriots. Yes, Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez are excellent weapons, but I feel the Giants artillery outweighs their explosiveness. Pats better bring everything they can on defense, because if its not Victor Cruz, its Hakeem Nicks, if its not Nicks, its Mario Manningham, if its not Manningham, its Ballard or Bradshaw. Let's put the haters to rest, let's go #ALLIN. LET'S GO BIG BLUE!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

HEAT CITY (Rack City Remix)

Checkout the official remix to Tyga's single Rack City. exclusively right here. Normally I'm not a big fan of remixing other peoples tracks, especially one with this kind of popularity. I made the exception after he released Lob City, a song to compliment the rising LA Clippers. I took this opportunity to let him know who the real squad in the NBA is...so without further adieu i present to you HEAT CITY.