Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Album Leak: Dutch x Big Dreams

It has been years in the making, but my debut album BIG DREAMS: A TALE OF 2 SIDES is finally complete. Got some incredible production on this thing by DJ Fono, JPDIDTHIS1, Infestation, & Brent Paschke. You can stream the leak below, enjoy. Purchase link for digital download will be available at the end of the week.

Monday, October 29, 2012

New Music: Skrillex x Summit (Original Mix)

Heard this recently and can't get out of my head. I'm normally not the biggest Skrillex fan, but there is something bout Ellie Goulding's voice that I 'can't get enough of. Real Funky. Check it out below... 

Skrillex (Feat. Ellie Goulding) - Summit (Original Mix)
Download Skrillex ft Ellie Goulding Summit (Original Mix)

Remix of the Week: Taio Cruz x Diamonds (Live Acoustic)

Dope remix posted earlier today, Taio Cruz covering Rihanna's Diamonds. Live acoustic puts a cool twist on a really well written song. Check it out and download below.

Taio Cruz- Diamonds (Rihanna Cover Live Acoustic):

Download Taio Cruz Diamonds (Live Acoustic Rihanna Cover)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mashup Remix: Swimming Pools x Miami Horror

With the combination of Halloween approaching, and the fact that I just did a show with Kendrick and the TDE team, I dropped a mashup in the studio with Rek last night. Pairing my mixtape favorite "Miami Horror" with the smash single "Swimming Pools"is just downright dope. Available below, have a safe Halloween weekend....


Download Dutch Swimming Pools Remix (Miami Horror Mashup)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dutch: Live in Orlando

In case you missed it, last month on September 28th I opened up for Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Stalley, and Ab Soul at the BET Music Matters Tour in Orlando, FL. Show turned out real dope, and there was a lot of love from the crowd. Peter Johnson cooked up this montage of some of the performance. Please enjoy a taste of "Good Times", "Jungle in the Jay" and "After Party" live from Club Firestone in downtown Orlando. Special out to Jonny Monsoon & DJ Fono for grazing the stage with me, the energy was incredible. Also thanks to Creek and Mal for controlling the cameras and capturing it for the Dreamer Nation team. Also, Francine and Colette for creating the buzz on campus. Follow along for more updates on shows, releases, and videos...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Urban Gentleman Chronicles: 9FIVE

In this week's edition of The Urban Gentleman Chronicles, I'm featuring 9FIVE Eyewear. I recently first saw this collection hit one of my favorite streetwear stores, CREAM (located in the Boynton Beach Mall). Love the designs for these glasses. Whether clear lenses or polarized shades, 9FIVE provides you with some limited collection designs at an affordable price (Typically between $60-$90). I recently got myself a pair of the Watson II design which bares similar resemblance to a Wayfarer style but the Python skin tips separated them from norm. Check out a few designs below and hit up their site for new releases coming this fall. Because our futures are too bright to not have on the dopest shades. Pick up your pair right here: http://9fivesite.com/

New Album: Rekstarr x Revolved

I'd like to shine a little light on a dope concept that shot through the brain of friend/producer/engineer, Rekstarr. Make an album, using your own beats that you have cultivated through sampling one of the most inspirational and historic bands of all time, The Beatles. Rek takes you back into the land of the dreamers, and will hypnotize you into a state of euphoria. I had the pleasure of being featured on the outro of this tape, accompanied by some vocal blessings of the late great John Lennon. Check out and download Revolved below, and witness generations collide first hand.


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Friday, October 12, 2012

Remix of the Week: Unity Funk x Chromeo

Oldie but goodie. Check out this remix of the dope duo Chromeo's joint Fancy Footwork by Unity Funk. Shout to Sonny Bottoms for passing it along. Happy Friday. Check out more by Unity Funk below:

Website: http://soundcloud.com/unityfunk

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Versedays x Episode 11

Versedays Episode 11 is back with the homie Ahmad Akili sliding through to bless the mic. We filmed this a few weeks back before the BET Music Matters performance, but nonetheless take a look.

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Special Shout to Mal behind the camera.

The Urban Gentleman Chronicles: Rastaclat

 Ladies and gentleman I introduce you to my newest weekly add-on to the blog, The Urban Gentleman Chronicles. This will be a weekly section where I let you know my newest designer discoveries, and fashion pickups. First up is a new company called Rastaclat, who put a twist on a bracelet line. Rastaclats, defined as the cloth of a righteous man or woman are designed to be paired with your favorite kicks and sports teams. They recently added a hemp series, a breast cancer awareness edition (portion of proceeds go to charity) and a highly anticipated collabo release with Diamond Supply. Valued between ten and twenty dollars, these can be collected and shared without killing your pocket.

I've been wearing these for month's now, glad I had a chance to finally write about them. I personally own about 12, but my favorites would have to be the SB Lebron, and the Gucci.

 Check out more at: http://rastaclat.com/

 Show Below: Tiffany Clat and Elephant Clat paired with my custom South Beach Spizikes.
(For Display only. If you choose to wear 2 Rastaclats at one time, I suggest the same wrist.)