Sunday, February 26, 2012

LIVE: Fun. x We Are Young

Earlier this week the new indie band Fun. appeared on Conan to perform their skyrocket single "We Are Young" and promote their debut album Some Nights. Chances are you heard this record in a Chevy commercial, "We Are Young" has racked up over 8 million YouTube hits in a little over 2 months. This track is a sure anthem for our youth, and will easily put Fun. on top of the indie scene. Watch their LIVE performance above.

Friday, February 24, 2012

New Music: Dutch x Bacon x Jonny Lyrks

Download the remix to Rick Ross's smash mixtape single "Stay Schemin" right here. I teamed up with Bacon and Jonny Lyrks on a remix uniquely twisted "Stay Dreamin". Enjoy people...

Cover of the Week: Posner x Black Bear

There has been plenty of remixes for Rick Ross's smash mixtape single "Stay Schemin", I am actually putting one out this weekend with past artists of the week Bacon & Jonny Lyrks. But up until now I haven't heard a remix quite like this (more of an acoustic cover). Mike Posner and Black Bear (featured on the Layover's Marauder Music) gave the track a whole new angle playing a live acousic version. Posner is such a talented dude, we've been following him for quite a while now. Check out his acoustic cover of "Stay Schemin" above.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Artist of the Week: DC

Landing the top spot for artist of the week goes out to Miami/Fort Lauderdale local DC. This dude has been on the scene for a hot minute, who began making music in high school with counterpart Conceited. After releasing multiple mixtape's to the underground, DC left the scene to tackle another passion, battling. This is actually where I first got the chance to see DC in action, where he was robbed of a Grindtime battle victory a couple years back. Now after careful preparation, DC is back with a much anticipated mixtape The World Ends with Dru that covers a range of topics from video games to comic books. This is the first of a trilogy series DC plans to put out in the Florida hip hop scene. It's always refreshing to get a new point of view from a hip hop standpoint, and Dru successfully delivers one with this tape. Lookout for tracks like "Mega Man 2" and "Marvel Vs. DC" which displays some dope wordplay tying in some credible comic book names. There is no denying the kid got bars, and the beats bang harder than a drunk step dad after playing your music too loud. Checkout and DOWNLOAD his FREE mixtape The World Ends with Dru right here:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

TV News: Diddy x Revolt

Yesterday Diddy broke with the news he will be starting his own cable network called REVOLT. He didn't really explain what exactly would be featured on the channel but did bring up the heavy influence today's music will have on it. Take a look at the announcement above, cause you know if Diddy is behind it, dude is gonna go big.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Video of the Week: Cris Cab x Rihanna's Gun

This week's featured video is awarded to Cris Cab with his mixtape single "Rihanna's Gun" featuring Mavado and Wyclef. Some great raw concert footage collaged with some studio shots of Cris and Mavado during the making of the track. Check it out above and download Echo Boom right now on

New Album: Chiddy Bang x Breakfast

Well, after countless mixtapes and underground tracks, the freshman album for the killer duo Chiddy Bang has finally arrived. Breakfast is a fourteen track LP packed with dope beats, and some clever rhyme schemes. Xaphoon Jones blows my mind on production, this guy has a great ear for samples. It might be a shocker that these two have not really hit mainstream radio success, but without a debut album I guess that would be pretty difficult. Make sure to hit up iTunes and support the Chiddy movement of dope feel good music. Oh by the way, did I fail to mention a couple months back Swelly broke the Guiness record for longest freestyle? Kids got chops.

Preview/ Download Breakfast right here:

Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Music: Chris Brown x Turn Up the Music

Although I was bothered by Chris Brown's decision to lip sync the majority of his Grammy performance, but I guess we can let it slide for heavy dance number. But come on Chris, it wasn't MTV, it was the damn Grammys. Anyway, check out the official video for his new single Turn Up the Music above. Great jam to kick off the weekend. TGIF.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mashup: Chromeo x Whitney Houston

The Hood Internet is a beast. Although since Saturday there has been a high saturation of Whitney Houston remixes, this one deserved a little shine. Not just because Chromeo is awesome, but because it actually sounds original. Take a listen for yourself. Rest peacefully Whit, you got the internet going crazy.
The Hood Internet - When The Night Knows (Whitney Houston x Chromeo) by hoodinternet

Remix of the Week: Redman x Eminem

This week remix of the week goes out to Shaolin's own Redman. Been a minute since we heard from dude but this came out of nowhere and is a killer. Redman goes in on Eminem's Slim Shady LP's Just Dont Give a Fuck. The nostalgia hit hard when the beat dropped so I had to crown it remix of the week. Check it out and download (by clicking the vinly on the player) right here:

Monday, February 13, 2012

Official Video: Childish Gambino x Heartbeat

Not sure if you all know about Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) yet, but this young actor turn comedian turn rapper is dope as hell. He finally put out his debut album a few months back titled Camp. If you have ever caught the NBC comedy Community with Joel Mchale and Chevy Chase, you would recognize him as Troy, Abed's witty best friend. Definitely an awesome album and a showcase of what this dude is capable of. Check out the video above.

RIP x Whitney Houston

I can still remember when I was little, my older sister watching the Bodyguard 5 times a week for a month. Whitney Houston changed the game when she broke into the music business. Sadly, the news broke Saturday that she passed away. Despite battling addiciton, and an unstable relationship with husband Bobby Brown, Whitney's legacy will not be tarnished. She inspired many, and her music will forever be timeless. At the young age of 48 she left us, much too soon. Please rest peacefully Whitney. I was going to post a picture, interview, or old music video from Whitney, but I decided to put up this tribute video put on by the fountains in Dubai. Check it out above.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Video of the Week: The Throne x Niggas in Paris

Video of the week is the long awaited official "Niggas in Paris" off Kanye & Hov's Watch The Throne, which looks like footage from the live concert mixed in witch some killer graphics and effects. I'm sure a lot of people will be pointing illuminati subliminals from start to finish but thats neither here nor there. Check it out, real dope...but if you have any record of seizures or epilepsy, please watch at your own risk.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day Dreamers x Episode 3: Super Bowl Special

Other than euphoric or bliss, there aren't many other words I can use to describe this day. Well maybe one more...drunk. The Day Dreamers are back with episode 3 with a Super Bowl special that will be locked in our memory forever. I guess you can call this the official video for"Eli's Coming". Regardless check it out exclusively above:

Special thanks to the Dreamers who came out for the shoot, Mal who shot/cut the video, and the New York Giants because without the victory, this song and video would be meaningless.

New Mixtape: Jonny Lyrks x WFTB 2.0

As promised, Jonny Lyrks just dropped his second mixtape in the Words From the Burbs trilogy. Download it for free right here. If your a fan of mine, I'd definitely recommend checking out "1 More", a remix over Kanye's "Lord Lord Lord" featuring the likes of myself and Epileptic. Follow Jonny @JonnyMonsoon

Artist of the Week: BACON

It's about that time I introduce the artist of the week. Anytime I get the chance to hear something fresh, daring and unique, I normally jump at the opportunity. In this case, Miami based Bacon has really caught my eye with his desire to mesh hip hop and rock. I know this is something that has been done before, but when its done right, it is undeniably pleasing. The 25 year old Floridian just dropped his debut mixtape titled B.L.T.(Beyond Lyrical Talent). For an artist who hasn't been on the scene too long, he is certainly getting his feet wet in a highly saturated industry. In just a few short months Bacon was given the opportunity to open for the likes of Bad Boy's Machine Gun Kelly in Orlando. The kid has some real passionate words and despite only being around for a short time, he undoubtably shows homage to the people who have been grinding for years. Download B.L.T. right here, and don't go swimming for at least 30 minutes after....

Photo by Ayo! Andrn (@ayoandrsn) Follow BACON: @Official_Bacon

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Remix of the Week: The Knocks x M83 Cover

This week's video goes to my boys The Knocks. Accompanied by the a well produced cover by M83's "Midnight City" is Mandy Lee providing a sexy vocal that really takes the track a step higher. I am a big fan of the original M83 jam but I must say, the beat is more memorable than the actual lyrics. Mandy Lee definitely let me focus on that a little more. Check out the video above and share with your people.

NY Giants x Super Bowl Champions

Well, it certainly was the battle I thought it would be, but in typical New York Giant fashion, big blue came through with a fourth quarter touchdown with seconds to spare. I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried. It is a game of inches, one yard here, a couple feet there...the game can change drastically. Luckily for Giants fans, those inches were slightly off on a pass to Wes Welker late in the fourth which could of sealed it for the Pats. Incredible year, and an incredible season. I am humbled, I am proud, and I blessed to be Giants fan. Thank you big blue. We will savor this championship now, but I am looking forward to next year.

Congratulations New York Football Giants- NFL 2011-2012 Champions and MVP Eli Manning

Friday, February 3, 2012

Song of the Week: Dutch x Eli's Coming

Fresh out of Logic, DJ Fono and I present to you the official New York Football Giants Super Bowl anthem for 2012. It's been an incredible season, so I wanted to do my part to show my appreciation for the resilience this team has showed. I'm sure there will be many haters upset at the fact that my Heat City (Miami Heat Rack Ctiy Remix: See older posts) release is followed up with a New York Giants anthem. So just to put to rest any doubt, I am a NY born, NY proud Giants fan. I mainly grew up with football, baseball and hockey in center focus. It wasn't till I lived in South Florida that I got love for the sport of basketball which was definitely Heat influenced. Now...back to "Eli's Coming", The original song of the same title is by the band Three Dog Night put out many years ago. The idea came from a suggestion my pops made, and the persistance to follow through came from my homie Mal (@LivinWitMal). Really impressed with how DJ Fono chopped it up and really gave it a live feel. Please enjoy and spread the word if you enjoy, go big blue.

Artist of the Week: Ahmad Akili

We first crossed paths performing on New Years Eve at the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. It's been all love ever since. Ahmad Akili is planning his attack on the South Florida scene with an EP Don't Wake Up itching to be released. You may recognize the name from some features we've done together (Nights We Can't Remember, Take Over the City, I'm On One Remix). Ahamad is not only a cool dude, but my go to guy for vocals. I've been able to witness his progression, and his voice has really came into its own over time. He grabbed a lot of attention from his debut video "Don't Wake Up" and rightfully so. I had the pleasure of hearing the EP before it hits the net and I was more than impressed with his captivating hooks, feel good beats (Yes, he produces as well), and witty punchlines. Keep a close ear to the South Florida native and follow him @AhmadAkili

CHECKOUT the official video for Don't Wake Up RIGHT HERE:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Video: Dutch x A Moment in Time

Well it is finally here, the long awaited release of my video for "A Moment in Time" off the Late Nights on Mars Mixtape. We shot this video months ago in the Wynwood Design District down in Miami. Shot and edited by the one and only Dreamer Nation general Peter Johnson. View the video (AVAILABLE IN 1080p HD), download the track, and show a little love for the Dreamers. More videos on deck real soon....
Follow: @JohnsonsWorld @_DreamerNation @planetdutch @LivinwitMal

DJ of the Week: DJ Anthony Pisano

If you attended college in South Florida over the past 6 years, your probably familiar with the name Anthony Pisano. Everywhere from Rehab to Hard Rock to LIV, AP has been spinning in the South Florida scene for quite sometime. Now after joining forces with production duo Dae Dor, and creating Brass Knuckles, Pisano has launched himself into an international spotlight. A few months back the Brass Knuckles team completed a European tour and are now out in L.A. strengthening their West Coast following. Their single "Lie To You" is gaining more and more attention each day on the blogs and in the clubs. This trio is constantly providing great music for the masses and its undeniable that they have a future in this business. Keep your eyes on these rising stars out of Miami. Follow: @DJAnthony Pisano
Checkout/Download his mixes from his European Tour mix and Lie To You Release Party:

New Tunes: WZRD x Teleport 2 Me, Jamie

The duo of Kid Cudi and Dot Da Genius, now known as WZRD has some deep expectations to live up to with their upcoming joint release. Although I prefer older Cudi, the indie side of him is definitely in a class of its own. Checkout Teleport 2 Me, Jamie right here. Let us know if your feeling it...

Live: J. Cole x Jimmy Fallon

Last night J. Cole stopped by the Jimmy Fallon show to promote for his album Cole World: A Sideline Story . Checkout his performance of "Can't Get Enough" above.

TV Show to Watch: Key & Peele

Last night I caught the premiere of the new Comedy Central series Key & Peele. A typical sketch comedy themed show spoofing people like Obama and Lil' Wayne, but something about these two biracial comedians (who joke about when to turn their blackness on and off) crack me up. His Obama voice was dead on, and a lot of the sketches really had me laughing out loud. Coulda been the weed though... Check out Key & Peele every Tues at 1030pm, right after Tosh.O