Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DJ of the Week: DJ Anthony Pisano

If you attended college in South Florida over the past 6 years, your probably familiar with the name Anthony Pisano. Everywhere from Rehab to Hard Rock to LIV, AP has been spinning in the South Florida scene for quite sometime. Now after joining forces with production duo Dae Dor, and creating Brass Knuckles, Pisano has launched himself into an international spotlight. A few months back the Brass Knuckles team completed a European tour and are now out in L.A. strengthening their West Coast following. Their single "Lie To You" is gaining more and more attention each day on the blogs and in the clubs. This trio is constantly providing great music for the masses and its undeniable that they have a future in this business. Keep your eyes on these rising stars out of Miami. Follow: @DJAnthony Pisano
Checkout/Download his mixes from his European Tour mix and Lie To You Release Party: