Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Artist of the Week: BACON

It's about that time I introduce the artist of the week. Anytime I get the chance to hear something fresh, daring and unique, I normally jump at the opportunity. In this case, Miami based Bacon has really caught my eye with his desire to mesh hip hop and rock. I know this is something that has been done before, but when its done right, it is undeniably pleasing. The 25 year old Floridian just dropped his debut mixtape titled B.L.T.(Beyond Lyrical Talent). For an artist who hasn't been on the scene too long, he is certainly getting his feet wet in a highly saturated industry. In just a few short months Bacon was given the opportunity to open for the likes of Bad Boy's Machine Gun Kelly in Orlando. The kid has some real passionate words and despite only being around for a short time, he undoubtably shows homage to the people who have been grinding for years. Download B.L.T. right here, and don't go swimming for at least 30 minutes after....

Photo by Ayo! Andrn (@ayoandrsn) Follow BACON: @Official_Bacon