Friday, July 31, 2009

New David Guetta/Akon Collabo will be Heating up the clubs for the rest of summer...

A new collaboration is born. David Guetta (World is Mine, Love is Gone, When Love Takes Over) teamed up with Akon on this new joint called Sexy Bitch. Prepare to hear this everywhere you go, dope song and will probably be remixed over and over again. Enjoy it people, and remember where ya heard it first!

Listen here. The song is also available on iTunes for purchase.

Shakira lookin' dope in her new video "She Wolf"

Now I'm not a big Shakira fan but this video is sexy as hell. The song might even make it to the clubs, if it gets remixed of course. So someone get on that. Her hips definitely don't lie...

Watch Shakira's new video "She Wolf" Right Here:

Screech's Attack on Zack?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar or better known as Zack Morris was asked in Newsweek abouDustin Diamond's comments about releasing a tell-all book about everything that went on behind the scenes of the Saved by the Bell years. Gosselaar let it be clear he has nothing to hide. When asked, Preppy replied with :

"What is he going to say? We were banging groupies at 14? I can't wait to read his book, because I don't have a memory of a lot of the shows. Maybe it was because I was doing lines off of the audience members' asses. I'm sure he's going to write something crazy like that. The truth is─the reason why the show worked and why it's still on today─we were good people and good to each other. We were innocent, naive kids. We were not jaded. So him writing a book, I'm not really afraid of what he has to say. There are not too many skeletons in my closet."

Well there you have it folks, seems like Zack was doing a little more than smoking joints with Johnny Dakota. But hey can you blame the guy when you are a teen heartthrob that can't goanywhere in public without being presented with an opportunity to get laid.

Saved by the Bell still airs every morning from 7am-9am on TBS Est.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eminem gets Shady on Mariah and Nick

Well people it was only a matter of time before Eminem retaliated from Mariah Carey's
"Obsessed" song that barely grazed the top 10 on the billboard charts. But Slim comes back harder than ever on this one and clearly shows us he still got it despite the critics reviews of Relapse. In the song, Em claims to have pictures from their past relationship as well as saved voicemail recordings. Check out the song right here, and remember where ya heard it first!

Eminem- The Warning (Mariah and Nick Cannon Diss)

My thoughts: Eminem was one of my biggest influences growing up, musically. It has been inspiring to see him run through beefs and end peoples careers (Benzino, Ja Rule, Cannabis, Limp Bizkit, etc.). Although this time his nemesis is one of the biggest selling pop divas in music and a young nickelodeon star that caught a break (not with his music). They really didn't stand a chance and Slim Shady might have let it alone if he didn't have to hear Mariah's Obsessed in rotation across the country. So he decided to air out his side of the story. We can only hope he has the evidence he claims that will ruin Princess Mimi. Don't worry guys, I'll still play Fantasy with Ol' Dirty Bastard when I'm DJing.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Game Releases album cover for "The Red Album"

This could just be in the rumor mill, but Game's "RED ALBUM" cover has hit the net. Pretty dope if he sticks with it, but I'm assuming it'll get thrown on a mixtape and he'll create something new before the release. Although I will say this cover is the most creative, and edgy cover Game has put out to the masses. Check it out....

Download The Best of Kid Cudi Mixtape Right Here:

Well I just brought you his newest sneaker, now I'm bringing you his "Best of" mixtape before him album drops next month. If you haven't branched out beyond Cudi's "Day N' Nite" I suggest you do. He is a breath of fresh air to hip hop today. See for yourself...

Kid Cudi Mixtape compliments of Zshare. Remember where you heard it first.

Mr. Solo Dolo Nike's

Kid Cudi follows in big brothers shoes literally. Here are the new Kid Cudi Nike Dunks. Pretty dope if I do say so myself, and a lot better than the Yeezys in my opininon. But hey you can be the judge. Also be sure to keep an eye out for the new Kid Cudi album coming soon Man on the Moon.

My thoughts: Cudi is definitely a next generation artist. He has his own sound and style and is a great combonation of hip hop and R&B. Like myself he goes against the grain from talking about typical hip hop topics such as money, drug dealing, and ho's. He has a world of talent and its only a short time before a lot fo people notice it. My only concern is coming from Kanye's G.O.O.D label, his ego might blow up a little too much too quick.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wayne & Diddy push it to the limit...

Lil' Wayne and Diddy both had albums planned to drop during this summer. Weezy's "Rebirth" rock album was set to stores June 23rd. Well I guess we all know that didn't happen. Here we are over a month later only to find out that it will be postponed once again. It is still undecided on when this album will be hitting the street but I'm assuming you'll see a project from Wayne's newest Young Money artist Drake. So plan on putting Rebirth on your Christmas list people.

As for Diddy, well he's another story. His album "Last Train to Paris" is said to be a classic album for the clubs. Collaborating with some of the hottest artists in the game to date (which will remain nameless for now) Diddy has decided to put a hold on its release. Why you may ask? Well with Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 dropping, I doubt he'd want to compete. Smart move Diddy.

My view: Honestly Wayne has yet to dissapoint us on the Carter 2 and Carter 3 but let's hope the hype hasn't died out. It seems like months ago when I was dropping Prom Queen in my DJ set when no one was even familiar with it. Personally, I've heard some of the jams of this new album and it does sound promising but prepare yourself for a complete 180 turnaround from Weezy F. It does sound like an Emo-bubblegum swagged out hip hop. But if I was you I'd definitely check out the album regardless. Young Money always has something up their sleeve. Plus everyone and their mother rides Wayne's dick.

Diddy's album I think will be a banger. He knows how to collaborate with the right people. Don't expect him to be too lyrical and if he is, then well its ghostwritten. Diddy is too busy to think up some clever bars. "Don't worry if i right rhymes/ I write checks!" I'm sure it'll be dope.

**Let's hope these albums don't pull a detox on us and just fade out of existance**

Weeds 7.27.09

Awesome episode of Weeds last night. I think it might be over between Mr. Mayor and Lacy Laplante. After refusing to sign the birth certificate for his new son due to bad publicity for his Mexican election, Nancy filled in Andy as the father and he agreed to raise it as his own. And yes people, he finally shaved that stupid beard. Celia finally stepped her drug game up and is going to be pushing weed with her bogus makeup line. Cilus and Doug can finally run their store without the annoying pig cop extorting all their money.

My view: Great episode, they certainly keep you guessing. But now with Andy as the father this can only mean someone is going to die, and soon. Hopefully it's Celia. I can't stand that annoying bitch. I really hope they flee with the baby and open a new chapter to what seems like a never ending Mexican drug cartel concerned with protecting the dangerous and unpredictable Nancy. Maybe Guillermo will come back into play. Who knows?

Monday, July 27, 2009

Eminem to appear in new Apatow Picture

As if they haven't been hyping it up enough, Funny People opens this Friday and I don't know about you but this is gonna be a must see. Not only does it look hilarious, but there seems to be more than just laughs. The film will also be appearing a cameo from Marhsall Mathers aka Eminem. Apatow knows the formula to make a good comedy and with the appearance of Adam Sandler to the mix could only make it better.


If you are a taco fan, give these new Doritos a chance. Great Munchie and the taco flavor is pretty on point...


A hot accessory you may want to pickup is the black jesus piece. Not something I'd rock everynight but this is a pretty dope piece and not too flashy. You can pick this up on some online stores or go directly through E-Bay. They can vary from 60-200 dollars wether you decide to go plated/sprayed and obviously has CZs not diamonds.

Jay-Z Feat. Rihanna & Kanye West "Run This Town"

New joint off Jay-z's Blueprint 3 titled Run This Town is dope. Remember where you heard it first people...Download it RIGHT HERE:

It's Always Sunny: New season starts Sept. 17

Anyone familiar with this show? If you are then you are aware that it is like Seinfeld on Steroids. Raunchy and Hysterical. Their new season kicks off on September 17 on FX. Check your local listings for times...

If you have never heard of it, check out a clip from a previous season trailer right here:

Poor Jessica, now get out.

Yo Jessica, it's over. Some girls can't take the hint but I got word that Tony Romo instructed his security to ban Ms. Simpson from his home. Damn thats colder than Romos run to a Superbowl. So Jessica although your fine, and most of us would love to tap that ass, you just cause too much drama for this dude and the last thing he needs is a stadium filled with fans holding up cardboard Jessica's. So move on and find a new celebrity to cling to, because the athletes will keep walking all over you.

COLLEGE BOUND? (Entourage 7.26.09)

Alright well last nights Entourage, definitely the best of the season. Although they couldn't be making it anymore obvious that this is the last season, at least the boys are growing up. But hey when you hit 30, it might be time to. Anyway Turtle celebrated his birthday and received a Ferrari from Vince and a Porsche from his Sopranos cutie Jamie Lynn. Despite his happiness he feels the need to flap his independent wings and make something of himself. Bow Wow on the other hand won't be spreading his. Dude got the axe. His pilot was a hit but he didn't win over the critics. So E was forced to let him know the network dropped him. Guess he'll have more time to work on his music now lol. At the episodes conclusion Turtle decides to go back to college and enroll in UCLA's business courses. Yo, can Vince get a little facetime people? Give me your thoughts...

Special Guests: Curtis Jackson (50 Cent)
In case you missed it, you can WATCH IT HERE by clicking the link:

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kanye's newest protege is set to shine.

In case you're not familiar with Mr. Hudson, he appeared on backup vocals for Kanye's single Paranoid off 808's & Heartbreak. Definitely check this guy out. Hudson hails from the UK and has recently made a smash on the scene with his Kanye-collaborated joint Supernova. If you liked Supernova, I definitely would reccomend to also check out some of his other songs:

Anyone But Him (Feat. Kanye West)
Everything is Broken (Feat. Kid Cudi)
White Lies

Check out Mr. Hudson and Kanye's performance of Supernova at the iTunes Music Festival 2009 from London:

Entourage Episode 3 Preview

Alright people in case you missed episode two, Vincent Chase just premiered Gatsby, sadly they did'nt even show us a scene. Sloane told E it'd be better if they weren't friends due to the sexual tension that he couldn't handle. He does in fact have a new love interest by some chick who looks damn near twelve. Anyway, life is good for the Queens boys for now. Episode three will at least promise some high speed suspense when Vinnie and the boys hit the racetrack for some rehearsals for his newest blockbust Enzo Ferrari. I'm sure we'll all be tuning in...

A new hip hop feud growing?

In case you've been under a rock, lately the Game has been taking shots at Jay-Z from overseas while on his Lamborghini Tour. It started from Madrid, Spain when Game retaliated after Jay-Z blurbed a line "I aint talking bout Game/I aint talkin bout Jimmy (Ivine)/I aint talking bout Dame (Dame Dash)" when freestyling at a show from Las Vegas. Game quickly took offense,and had a rowdy Madrid crowd chanting "F*ck Jay-Z." A few days later he released the track "I'm So Wavy" sparking the begining of round one to the bout. Jay had recently addressed the situation and explained he wasn't planning on responding and that Game is just a groupie.Later Game then responded back from Amsterdam and told Jay to please stop hating on young emcees,and new music.Then he advised Hov to not be mad cause he's getting older and hip hop is evolving. "If people want to do Autotune records, let them do it, don't be mad." We'll see if Hov decides to give in and respond on his upcoming Blueprint 3.

Check out the footage from Madrid where Game initiated the conflict: