Saturday, July 25, 2009

A new hip hop feud growing?

In case you've been under a rock, lately the Game has been taking shots at Jay-Z from overseas while on his Lamborghini Tour. It started from Madrid, Spain when Game retaliated after Jay-Z blurbed a line "I aint talking bout Game/I aint talkin bout Jimmy (Ivine)/I aint talking bout Dame (Dame Dash)" when freestyling at a show from Las Vegas. Game quickly took offense,and had a rowdy Madrid crowd chanting "F*ck Jay-Z." A few days later he released the track "I'm So Wavy" sparking the begining of round one to the bout. Jay had recently addressed the situation and explained he wasn't planning on responding and that Game is just a groupie.Later Game then responded back from Amsterdam and told Jay to please stop hating on young emcees,and new music.Then he advised Hov to not be mad cause he's getting older and hip hop is evolving. "If people want to do Autotune records, let them do it, don't be mad." We'll see if Hov decides to give in and respond on his upcoming Blueprint 3.

Check out the footage from Madrid where Game initiated the conflict: