Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wayne & Diddy push it to the limit...

Lil' Wayne and Diddy both had albums planned to drop during this summer. Weezy's "Rebirth" rock album was set to stores June 23rd. Well I guess we all know that didn't happen. Here we are over a month later only to find out that it will be postponed once again. It is still undecided on when this album will be hitting the street but I'm assuming you'll see a project from Wayne's newest Young Money artist Drake. So plan on putting Rebirth on your Christmas list people.

As for Diddy, well he's another story. His album "Last Train to Paris" is said to be a classic album for the clubs. Collaborating with some of the hottest artists in the game to date (which will remain nameless for now) Diddy has decided to put a hold on its release. Why you may ask? Well with Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 dropping, I doubt he'd want to compete. Smart move Diddy.

My view: Honestly Wayne has yet to dissapoint us on the Carter 2 and Carter 3 but let's hope the hype hasn't died out. It seems like months ago when I was dropping Prom Queen in my DJ set when no one was even familiar with it. Personally, I've heard some of the jams of this new album and it does sound promising but prepare yourself for a complete 180 turnaround from Weezy F. It does sound like an Emo-bubblegum swagged out hip hop. But if I was you I'd definitely check out the album regardless. Young Money always has something up their sleeve. Plus everyone and their mother rides Wayne's dick.

Diddy's album I think will be a banger. He knows how to collaborate with the right people. Don't expect him to be too lyrical and if he is, then well its ghostwritten. Diddy is too busy to think up some clever bars. "Don't worry if i right rhymes/ I write checks!" I'm sure it'll be dope.

**Let's hope these albums don't pull a detox on us and just fade out of existance**