Saturday, October 30, 2010

Download: Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

Well, here it is...the very anticipated Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager has finally been released on the net and you can be one of the firsts to get a listen. In Cudder's sophomore release expect the same melodic tone as his first but with some more credible features, a little darker creative input and drug-filled story line. Sadly, Common does not narrate the tale as he does in Cudi's previous effort.
DOWNLOAD IT EXCLUSIVELY RIGHT HERE: Kid Cudi- Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

Instruction: Click download/ select free download/ and select download file

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whip My Hair

Alright now I'm not a big fan of posting ridiculous videos but i couldnt resist this one. Hollywoods newest rising singer, Willow Smith's (9 Year old daughter of Will & Jada) joint Whip My Hair is an absolute banger but combined with the dance skills of this parrot, make it all the more reason to watch it again and again...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cover Art: Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager

Check out the cover for Kid Cudi's upcoming sophomore album "Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager" The album is set to drop November 9th.


G.O.O.D. Friday has arrived and this weeks team consists of Kanye, Keri Hilson, Pusha T, and Cyhi the Prince. "Take One for the Team" available for download right here...

Kanye x Pusha T x Keri Hilson x Cyhi the Prince :

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Joint: Bag Raiders- Way Back Home (1928Remix)

Check out this remix by 1928 of Bag Raiders track Way Back Home. Very Dope.
Bag Raiders - Way Back Home (1928 Remix) by 1928 music

Sunday, October 10, 2010

60 Minutes: Eminem Full Interview

Yesterday I posted how Eminem would be appearing on 60 Minutes. Check out the complete interview right here:

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Check Out: Eminem on 60 Minutes

Ever since Eminem dropped Recovery everybody has been dying to get a piece of him, including Anderson Cooper. Tomorrow night (Sun, Oct 10th) at 7pm, Shady sits down with the 60 Minutes host to tackle the differences between his public image and actual self. Below is a clip where he is attempting to teach Anderson the proper ways to stretch words in order to expand creativity in ones attempt of rapping. Make sure to tune in to
CBS tomorrow to see the complete interview.

Friday, October 8, 2010

G.O.O.D. Friday: CRS Finally Surfaces

If you been living under a rock lately you should be informed that kanye has been releasing a free joint every Friday for the past month or so (find them @ Here is the latest titled "Don't Stop" featuring his CRS (Child Rebel Soldiers) castmates Pharell & Lupe Fiasco. This group surfaced about two years ago with their joint "US Placers" but faded away soon after while chasing solo careers. It was very dope to catch them on this weeks G.O.O.D. Friday.
Listen & Downlod:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Lupe, Now Nas Expresses Label Frustration

Nas is planning for a new release but Def Jam on the other not. Nas, who will go down in hip hop history as one of the greatest to ever graze a mic, is not feeling the love from his Def Jam label and released a letter to them earlier today. Nas had this to say:

From: Nas
To: LA Reid, Steve Bartels, Steve Gawley, Michael Seltzer, Joseph Borrino, Chris Hicks
Subject: PUT MY S*** OUT!

Peace to all,

With all do respect to you all, Nas is NOBODY’s slave. This is not the 1800′s, respect me and I will respect you.

I won’t even tap dance around in an email, I will get right into it. People connect to the Artist @ the end of the day, they don’t connect with the executives. Honestly, nobody even cares what label puts out a great record, they care about who recorded it. Yet time and time again its the executives who always stand in the way of a creative artist’s dream and aspirations. You don’t help draw the truth from my deepest and most inner soul, you don’t even do a great job @ selling it. The #1 problem with DEF JAM is pretty simple and obvious, the executives think they are the stars. You aren’t…. not even close. As a matter of fact, you wish you were, but it didn’t work out so you took a desk job. To the consumer, I COME FIRST. Stop trying to deprive them! I have a fan base that dies for my music and a RAP label that doesn’t understand RAP. Pretty f***** up situation

This isn’t the 90′s though. Beefing with record labels is so 15 years ago. @ this point I just need you all to be very clear where I stand and how I feel about “my label.” I could go on twitter or hot 97 tomorrow and get 100,000 protesters @ your building but I choose to walk my own path my own way because since day one I have been my own man. I did business with Tommy Mottola and Donnie Einer, two of the most psycho dudes this business ever created. I worked well with them for one major reason……. they believed in me. The didn’t give a f*** about what any radio station or magazine said….those dudes had me.

Lost Tapes is a movement and a very important set up piece for my career as it stands. I started this over 5 years ago @ Columbia and nobody knew what it was or what it did but the label put it out as an LP and the fans went crazy for it and I single handlely built a new brand of rap albums. It’s smart and after 5 years it’s still a head of the game. This feels great and you not feeling what I’m feeling is disturbing. Don’t get in the way of my creativity. We are aligned with the stars here, this is a movement. There is a thing called KARMA that comes to haunt you when you tamper with the aligning stars. WE ARE GIVING THE PEOPLE EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. Stop throwing dog s*** on a MAGICAL moment.

You don’t get another Nas recording that doesn’t count against my deal….PERIOD! Keep your b******* $200,000.00 fund. Open the REAL budget. This is a New York pioneers ALBUM, there ain’t many of us. I am ready to drop in the 4th quarter. You don’t even have s*** coming out! Stop being your own worst enemy. Let’s get money!


First Lupe, now NAS. What is hip hop coming to when the successful dope artists can't even get the support of the people who believe in them from the start. Hopefully they will submit to Nas's demands like Atlantic did with Lupe.

Lupe Resolves Dispute with Atlantic

A few days ago I posted about how Lupe Fiasco's latest CD Lasers has been on tight lock from his label Atlantic Records. Lupe took to his twitter and it seems they have finally reached agreement just days before a Pro-Lupe protest was set to bombard entrance of Atlantic Records in NYC. The release date for Lasers will be delivered prior to the October 15th deadline. Justice has been served for Lupe, but if he does plan on a forth quarter drop, he'll be competing with the likes of Kanye, Kid Cudi, Nicki Minaj, Lloyd Banks, Ne-Yo, Akon & Flo Rida.

Check Out: The Social Network

Jesse Eisenberg (Adventureland, Zombieland) did a phenominal job recreating Mark Zuckerberg's vision in which changed not only our generation but how people interact indefinitely. I do feel the movie could have been a little longer, but I guess a movie does its job when it leaves you wanting more. The script was sophisticated, which at times could be intimidating to your intelligence. Regardless it is an obvious candidate for oscar gold. If you still haven't checked out this film, definitely make the investment.

New: Lloyd Banks-Start It Up

Check out the latest single "Start it Up" off Lloyd Bank's upcoming Hunger for More 2 featuring Fabolos, Kanye West, Swizz Beatz & Ryan Leslie.
Listen & Download:

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lupe Lashes out at Atlantic

Ya know it is a sad business we are apart of... The music business is ugly, and regardless of how intelligent or talented you may be, they will always look to chew you up and spit you out. Lupe Fiasco, is one of these gentleman in the game who I consider a top 10 artist (lyrically). Atlantic has done nothing but hold him back as an artist ever since he sprung on the scene. I guess getting co-signed by Kanye is not enough anymore. But check out Lupe as he tries to explain to his fans the problems he is having with his label, and why his latest album is being held back harder than the NY Giants offensive line.


Check out the first release off of "Late NIghts on Mars" featuring one of the dopest emcees ive had the pleasure of recording with, Res. Produced by Sean Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra. The track is simple people, sometimes in life we feel maybe all the hard work we put into something is just never enough. This track comes to terms with that but still finds a way to fight for what they love. Listen & Download right here:
Dutch-Too Late (Feat. Res) Produced by Sean Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra by planetdutch

Alright (Produced by Fess)

Check out one of the tracks that may be appearing on the album in 2011. Recorded in LA with hitman Fess, i proudly bring to you "Alright"