Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eminem gets Shady on Mariah and Nick

Well people it was only a matter of time before Eminem retaliated from Mariah Carey's
"Obsessed" song that barely grazed the top 10 on the billboard charts. But Slim comes back harder than ever on this one and clearly shows us he still got it despite the critics reviews of Relapse. In the song, Em claims to have pictures from their past relationship as well as saved voicemail recordings. Check out the song right here, and remember where ya heard it first!

Eminem- The Warning (Mariah and Nick Cannon Diss)

My thoughts: Eminem was one of my biggest influences growing up, musically. It has been inspiring to see him run through beefs and end peoples careers (Benzino, Ja Rule, Cannabis, Limp Bizkit, etc.). Although this time his nemesis is one of the biggest selling pop divas in music and a young nickelodeon star that caught a break (not with his music). They really didn't stand a chance and Slim Shady might have let it alone if he didn't have to hear Mariah's Obsessed in rotation across the country. So he decided to air out his side of the story. We can only hope he has the evidence he claims that will ruin Princess Mimi. Don't worry guys, I'll still play Fantasy with Ol' Dirty Bastard when I'm DJing.