Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Urban Gentleman Chronicles: Rastaclat

 Ladies and gentleman I introduce you to my newest weekly add-on to the blog, The Urban Gentleman Chronicles. This will be a weekly section where I let you know my newest designer discoveries, and fashion pickups. First up is a new company called Rastaclat, who put a twist on a bracelet line. Rastaclats, defined as the cloth of a righteous man or woman are designed to be paired with your favorite kicks and sports teams. They recently added a hemp series, a breast cancer awareness edition (portion of proceeds go to charity) and a highly anticipated collabo release with Diamond Supply. Valued between ten and twenty dollars, these can be collected and shared without killing your pocket.

I've been wearing these for month's now, glad I had a chance to finally write about them. I personally own about 12, but my favorites would have to be the SB Lebron, and the Gucci.

 Check out more at:

 Show Below: Tiffany Clat and Elephant Clat paired with my custom South Beach Spizikes.
(For Display only. If you choose to wear 2 Rastaclats at one time, I suggest the same wrist.)