Saturday, August 1, 2009

Drake Collapses at Concert

At a show in Camden, NJ (Jersey stand up) Drake was on stage performing his hit "Best I Ever Had" and collapsed while mid-spin. If you remember Drizzy's performance at the BET Awards 09, you'd recall he sang while sitting on a stool. Drake had a torn ACL to begin with and never received clearance from the doc to follow through with the America's Most Wanted tour with Lil' Wayne. Four men carried Drizzy off stage and Wayne finished the show solo.

Apparently the doctor said if Drake tore his ACL for a second time, there is a good chance the Degrassi star might never walk again. Ain't it ironic he played a dude in a wheelchair on the show.
Drake has been such a breath of fresh air to hip hop over the past few months, combining his lyrical substance and catchy melodies. Thoughts go out to you homie, quick recovery.