Monday, August 3, 2009

Not So Funny People?

Sales for this weekends release of "Funny People" definitely didn't meet studio expectations. The Apatow picture pulled $8.5 million on opening night but Universal planned for a $25million income for the weekend release. Cameos varied from Eminem to Andy Dick to Ray Romano to Wu Tang's RZA (Shaolin stand up).
My thoughts: I saw it last night before Entourage and found it to meet my expectations to the tee. We all saw the trailer, we knew this wasn't gonna be some knee slapping Superbad comedy. The combination of Drama and Comedy set the tone that Seth Rogan can in fact play somewhat serious. I thought it was real good and definitely recommend it to my people. The story was deep and rather dark for an Apatow movie, but it was almost refreshing to have them not hit us over the head with Cock and P*ssy jokes for 2hours. Everyone in the movie tends to provide some comic relief, and I found that rather enjoyable. Sandler and Rogan touche. Good not great.