Tuesday, September 29, 2009

MTV Released Their #10 and #9 Hottest MC's in the Game

MTV has finally began their countdown of the hottest MC's in the game. The debate was between some of MTV's hip hop branch as well as fans that submitted their votes as well. Okay so lets get to it....

Raekwon and the Wu Tang Clan have taken a little hiatus but the new style of hip hop hasn't influenced them one bit. Raekwon just dropped Only Built 4 Cuban Links Pt. 2 recently and has exploded back on the scene upon its release. Being from Staten Island myself, Wu Tang was always a big influence in my neighborhood. It really is great to see the Chef back in business.
At #9 50 CENT

With 50's releases of the War Angel LP and the Forever King mixtape, he was able to still shine in the hearts of the hiphop fanatics despite not having a number 1 record, and an album that has been delayed for months. He also stays afloat with Thisis50.com, an internet source that keeps people updated on all hip hop news.

Check out the video of the debate between MTV's representatives right here: