Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DownPat x Res x Sacrificial Lions

In what took nearly a year to complete, DownPat & Res are debuting their first full length LP together and it is evident they left blood, sweat, and tears inside "Sacrificial Lions". I had the pleasure of being featured on three of the tracks (Believe the Hype, Wu-Sting, & The Hive) and I couldn't be more honored to share the mic with these cats. We've known each other nearly a decade, and I can honestly say without Res, this dream of making music would be awfully bleak. Lyrically these dudes spew bars on bars and throughout the tape continuously switch up styles and flow. Three notable tracks to me are Terminal Velocity, Darkness Bright, & Preaching to the Choir. Also, let me extend a special shout out to some of the other featured artists on the album such as Wise Guy, Dirty Dem, & K.O. 

Download "Sacrificial Lions" free of charge below.